December 2020 I presented my research on how mycorrhizal fungi protect wild plants against disease online (at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center Symposium)! What a world. I am lucky, nonetheless.

August 2020 Another field season gone by, spent sampling root and soil microbes in the Swiss Alps with the Laine lab (this time, socially-distanced!). Check out our research here.

February 2020 I am learning a lot (and cross-country skiing for the first time) at the World Biodiversity Forum at Davos.

December 2019 Besides writing manuscripts, I have enjoyed attending local symposia this fall, at Agroscope and the Zurich-Basel Plant-Science Center.

August 2019 A farewell trip to Finland, to attend ESEB 2019 and *Finnish* a field experiment (pun intended). Now, off to the Wild Plant Pathosystems conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

July 2019 A collaborative field project to study the links between biodiversity and disease takes me high in to the Swiss Alps with the Laine lab. Check out our research here.

June 2019 I am briefly back in Finland to collect experimental data on whether association between plants and mutualists affects disease.

May 2019 A beautiful spring week spent visiting collaborators at the University of Tartu, Estonia, to learn bioinformatics and ecological analysis of fungal community data. Thanks Maarja Öpik & team! Check out their research here.

April 2019 A fun experimental assay in the greenhouse and lab allows me to probe phenotypic variation in disease resistance among genotypes of a wild plant species.

March 2019 My new paper on how soil microbes affect tropical tree diversity is out in PNAS! The article can be found here.

January 2019 I am excited to continue my post-doctoral research in the Laine lab in our new home, at the University of Zurich, Switzerland!

August 2018 Field work continues with a sampling trip to the picturesque Åland Islands, Finland.

June 2018 The field season begins! I am setting up a two-year field experiment in central Finland.

November 2017 I am analyzing data on pathogen genetic composition in wild plant populations in the historic Åland Islands (Finland) metapopulation field site.

September 2017 I am excited to begin a position as a post-doctoral researcher in the Laine lab at the University of Helsinki!

August 2017 I successfully defended my dissertation and earned a Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology from The Ohio State University.

January 2017 I am visiting Pennslyvania State University for a semester, to learn genetic sequencing techniques from collaborators Jim Marden & Howard Fescemyer. Check out their research here.

September 2016 I am again in residence at Yale University, after finishing the final field season of my dissertation research in Panama. What an adventure!